About Croton Yacht Club

The Croton Yacht Club was formed in 1957 by local Croton residents who shared a common interest in boating and passion about our great resource, the Hudson River.  In 1966 the Croton Yacht Club was established as a not-for-profit corporation and maintains this status today.

The mission of the club is to encourage the sport of boating, to promote the science of seamanship and navigation, to provide and maintain suitable facilities and anchorage for the recreation and social use of its members and to promote respect of the Hudson River through education and policies that reflect the commitment to sound environmental practices.

The Yacht Club operates a 120-slip marina for vessels up to 35 feet (length overall) with the average boat stored being approximately 25 feet. The marina also provides storage options for trailer boats and personal watercraft as well as canoe and kayak storage.

The Yacht Club leases the property from the Village of Croton and its operation is managed and fully funded by its membership. All assets, exclusive of the property, are owned and maintained by the membership. The Yacht Club provides general maintenance of the property, including access to areas surrounding the clubhouse where Croton residents are permitted and encouraged to fish, crab or simply enjoy the scenic Hudson.