CYC History

At the origin of the lease agreement with the village back in the 1950's, the Village Dock property was used as a satellite facility for an asphalt plant located to the north.  There were no buildings and the grounds were in disrepair. When the club began back in the 1950's it was a fairly informal place to keep you boat on the river.  Boat owners got together, went to the hills of Croton and cut down saplings to use as piles.  Back then there was only one main dock with each boat backed in stern-to. 

The original clubhouse was not built on land but was floated in.  This barge also served as a breakwater.  Eventually, it was moved closer to shore as new barges served as the break water.  Many great stories begin with "back in the old clubhouse"...

Circa 1996, the CYC moved ashore and the existing clubhouse was built.  Like all major projects, this one truly was a team effort and was lead by Sam Giordano.  The clubhouse is actually three trailers zippered together and fastened to footings.  It is a very comfortable building and has items the previous clubhouse didn't have such as up to date plumbing, heating and A/C.

She also has plenty of windows to take advantage of the panoramic view of the Hudson.  The wrap-around deck also allows visitors to enjoy the surroundings. 

Around us, in the early 2000's, the road to Senasqua was opened and the picture tunnel and railroad crossing were closed.  In 2006, the Croton Landing was opened and in 2009, it was expanded upon, facilities were built, etc. 

Pictures tell a thousand words. Stop by and see dozens of photos hung on the clubhouse walls showing the CYC as it evolved through time.


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