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Yacht club begins offering social membership

The Croton Yacht Club this year began offering a new class of membership called non-boating associate membership, or social membership.

Applicant must be a resident of the Village of Croton and produce a valid Croton Recreation pass as proof of residency. Annual dues are $300 per year, with discounts for seniors and veterans.

Non-boating Associate Members will have access to all club functions at member rates and have access and use of the club house deck, outside grills and bathroom facilities.

If a Non-boating Associate Member applies for Regular Membership, one year’s paid dues will be credited to offset initiation fees.

For more information, see the application on the forms page.


River Day 2014.jpg

River Day brings community to Croton waterfront

The Croton Yacht Club sponsored its annual “Hudson River Day” celebration on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014 in an effort to promote interest in the history and ecology of the river, to cultivate future local environmental leaders and to promote, enhance and protect river related recreational resources.

River Day offered events and exhibits targeting both children and adults, focusing on the history and ecology of the river. The Ferry Sloops club offered free sailboat rides and the Hudson River Fisherman’s Association helped children learn how to fish.

The Croton Yacht Club coordinates the event annually because it provides the membership and local exhibitors the opportunity to share their river related knowledge and expertise with the community, especially the children. The organization realizes that only through this transfer of knowledge can it safeguard the future of this great resource, the Hudson River.

Ribbon cutting for new bulkhead and promenade

Croton-on-Hudson Village Trustee Ann   Gallelli   and Mayor Leo Wiegman cut the ribbon marking the opening of the new bulkhead around the Croton Yacht Club on June 7, 2014.

Croton-on-Hudson Village Trustee Ann Gallelli and Mayor Leo Wiegman cut the ribbon marking the opening of the new bulkhead around the Croton Yacht Club on June 7, 2014.

A new promenade constructed as part of the bulkhead replacement project at the Croton Yacht Club was formally opened on Saturday, June 7, 2014 during the club’s annual Commissioning Day ceremony.

The new walkway that surrounds the club is open to village residents. During his dedication proclamation, Croton Mayor Leo Wiegman welcomed “river lovers, wave watchers, fish anglers, crab catchers, shoreline strollers, sunset chasers, sail boat gazers, hand holders, pebble tossers, stone skippers, photo takers, day dreamers, kayak paddlers, or picnickers.”

The six-month construction project was completed this spring by Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman Inc., of Branford, Conn. The previous bulkhead, which surrounds the clubhouse area, was installed before the club was incorporated in 1957 and had far exceeded its expected design life.

The new bulkhead was installed in front of the existing bulkhead, providing more height and additional room for the walkway.

Also on June 7, the club held its Commissioning Day ceremony, with a blessing of the fleet and a formal opening of the boat basin.